Outcomes Star

What does the tool measure?

The Outcomes Star is an outcomes monitoring tool which can be used across a range of different client groups. For example, there is a Mental Health Recovery Star for people with mental health issues, an Alcohol Star, a Teen Star, Family Star and an Older Person’s Star.  There are currently 15 published Stars and further Stars in development.

Who can use the tool?

The tool is suitable for use in services where there is an on-going key-work relationship and the service is working holistically with the client on different areas of their life.

How does the tool work?

The tool consists of a number of outcomes scales arranged as a Star.

The service user and staff member complete the Star together as an integral part of their key-work session. Together they look at the different scales and agree which score best describes where the client is at the moment.  This score is then plotted on the Star. The points can be joined to give an overview of where the person is at present – their own personal Star. The process is then repeated at a later date and the difference between the two readings shows the distance the person has travelled.

As well as showing the outcomes for individuals, the data can be aggregated across all clients in a project to provide a picture of the outcomes achieved by that project. The tool uses understandable language, enabling users to make appropriate changes and have an understanding of the achievements they have made. This could be partially attributable to the tool taking an assets based approach focusing on strengths and achievements, rather than simply concentrating solely on the current problems the service user is experiencing.

How to get started and further information:

The tools can be downloaded for free at the Outcomes Star website

Further information on the Outcomes Star such as the training available and A ‘Practical guide to outcome tools’ and reviews of tools can also be found on this site.