ECO Mapping

What does the tool measure?

ECO-Mapping is a free tool/processing framework, which can be used by organisations to manage their impact on the environment through using a site map within the workspace they are looking to analyse.

This can aid an organisation to develop a picture of how they effect the environment. ECO-Mapping used alongside other environmental management processes, such as ISO 14000 and EMAS.

Who can use the tool?

Initially created for small to medium sized businesses, ECO-Mapping can however be used by any organisation to measure the impact their activities have upon the environment. However, ECO-Mapping may be more suited to organisations with smaller sites, as it can be more difficult to use on sites within larger organisations, or if organisations have more than one workplace site to consider.

How does the tool/approach work?

By using an ECO-Mapping framework, organisations can continuously improve their environmental impact of their site premises by using their site map, known as an ‘urban situation’ map to create a series of eco-maps. The urban maps can examine the following:

1.- Urban situation – taking into account the wider surrounding area

2.- Nuisances – external environmental factors e.g. noise pollution

3.- Water – consumption and waste management

4.- Soil – storage of products

5.- Air, odours, noise, dust – emissions and effects of equipment

6.- Energy – how much is used and the knock-on effects

7.- Waste – management and preventing unnecessary waste

8.- Risks – potential problems such as damage/accidents

The benefits of carrying out ECO-Mapping for an organisation include enabling employees to be involved in the process of ECO-Mapping and as part of taking part in the framework; staff can consider their own environmental impacts within their work environment. Additionally it can be valuable as part of continuous improvement policies to track environmental issues within an organisation and for providing reports focusing on environmental review, to key stakeholders.

Further information and getting started:

ECO-Mapping is a free tool which can be used as part of progressing to using other environmental impact tools e.g. ISO 14000 and EMAS. For further information and to download a free version of the ECO-Mapping tool, please see the ECO-Mapping website: