Social Impact Measurement Testimonials

“We conducted a pilot SROI case study on one of our services (supported accommodation). It was as much a proof-of-concept exercise as anything else. Four business school students from the University of the West of Scotland completed the exercise and found that the social return was £1 : £2.77. There were limitations with the data (mainly in terms of what we could get from external bodies) and so we would expect that when we complete the full exercise the social return will be much higher. In addition to showing that there was a reasonable social return this exercise proved useful in that demonstrated that it was feasible for us to conduct a full-scale SROI exercise and, indeed, we are intending to incorporate this into a new service.”
Dr. Alex Crawford, Chief Executive, RCA Trust.


“…We believe there are good reasons for independent assessments particularly to help central and local government, as well as society more broadly, to determine, understand and measure what constitutes good quality.  We can create change across a wide range of important health and education areas but particularly in areas where other professionals have tried and failed, decision makers doubt the abilities of those of us who say we can deliver and to a high standard.  An independent and objective assessment is therefore very important both to the organisation and to those looking in from outside.”

Dave Spence, Chief Executive, Scottish Outdoor Education Centres.


“SROI is essentially a story of change which is summarised in a figure representing ‘value’ created. Being able to quantify the value of the changes that a project has brought about can be hugely beneficial in planning future projects, in engaging support and, most crucially, in securing funding. Our first commercial SROI project has been very successful and we look forward to working with a range of organisations from the private, public and social sectors over the coming months.”

Lucy Day, LJMU’s SROI Co-ordinator, “Access Enterprise” SROI.


“Sally Bagenal has undertaken a Social Return on Investment analysis for Kesho Organisation which shows the far reaching benefits that this programme is giving, not only to the students, but to the lives of so many others. It also pinpointed, however, that in the area of sexual health education, Kesho’s overall contribution was minimal and that we should review our position.

This report gives us confidence that our procedures and style of operation is working well, which will not only help us secure funding from donors and sponsors, but will give us the confidence to know that the model is robust and that we could expand our geographical area and support more students.”

Dr. Kate Nokes, Executive Officer, Kesho Organisation. SROI analysis undertaken by Sally Bagenal for Kesho Organisation.