Examples of Social Impact Measurement

Frontline Fife - An SROI analysis has enabled the organisation to clarify  what outcomes to monitor, which will  inform a set of social management accounts. Frontline Fife expect that this will have a significant impact on their management processes in future. The SROI has also been helpful in discussions about tendering with Fife Council.


Central Scotland Forestry Trust (CSFT) - The Greenlink SROI study helped CSFT promote the project and approach to other areas, especially with their Local Authority stakeholders.


Drumbreck Marsh Eco Club - An SROI undertaken as part of a Greenspace Scotland project, the evaluation has provided Drumbreck Marsh Eco Club with better stakeholder understanding and fostered new engagement e.g. with the Local Authority Ranger Service.


Broomhouse Centre - An SROI undertaken by the Broomhouse Centre was used to secure funding.


Mearns and Coastal Healthy Living Network - The organisation used an  SROI study to increase their profile with the NHS.


Paths for All - Undertaking an SROI has helped Paths for All to develop a better theory of change for their supported activities, and they have invested in producing a better-researched business case to support future development and growth.


Federation of Community Farms and Gardens - They had lacked confidence about the value of some aspects of their work, and an SROI study helped them better understand where they could create value, to use this in further supporting community organisations, and in making a better funding case.


Linkwide - An SROI analysis has helped raise Linkwide profile, and helped the OPAP project to secure follow on and extended funding.


Real Jobs/The Action Group - An SROI analysis helped them identify how better to collect outcomes information from stakeholders, and fed into the Scottish Government’s Supported Employment demonstration pilot, to identify a consistent outcomes-based monitoring framework for all supported employment services in Scotland.


Re-Union Canal Boats Ltd - Re-Union undertook an SROI as part of its application to the Scottish Investment Fund. The organisation has since developed an outcomes-based monitoring system on the basis of its SIF forecast, and has led to improvements in the monitoring arrangements, particularly with volunteers. Re-Union’s involvement in SROI has led to SROI being taken to the Waterways Trust and British Waterways, and has enhanced re-Union’s relationship and partnerships with both organisations.


Cunninghame Housing Association - Currently applying initial SROI work and understanding to a major community development, in order to learn more about tenant participation and community engagement.