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Information for Third Sector Organisations

This section of the site provides information for Third Sector organisations, including voluntary organisations and social enterprises, who want to develop an understanding of the different approaches to measuring the social impacts of their activities. This section provides access to the Methods and Tools information within the site, as well as background on why understanding your social impact is important, and the benefits and challenges that an organisation like yours may encounter in undertaking an evaluation of this kind.

The section on ‘Getting Started with Social Impact Measurement’, which will be included soon, looks in more detail at how an organsaition can work with stakeholders to understand its outcomes, identify appropriate indicators to evidence and measure these outcomes, and put in place monitoring processes to help capture the neccessary data to support impact mesurement and other types of evaluation.

If you have any suggestions about what you might like to see included in this section, or if you have had experience with monitoring your outcomes or undertaking an evaluation of your organisation’s impact, we would be interested to hear from you. Please get in touch with us through our contact page.

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