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Delivering Results – The Public Sector and Social Impact

This section provides information and access additional resources for  those involved in: policy development; strategic planning for delivery of services; whole-organisation or departmental outcomes performance management; the commissioning, design and delivery of services for people and communities; and procurement specialists and others who have an interest in understanding the impact of their activities and spend. Information in this section is also relevant to third sector or independent service providers and those who are involved with the design, delivery and continual improvement of services.

Broken into three areas, the first concerns the Scottish Government National Performance Framework and outcomes approaches to performance management in the delivery of the national outcomes, paying attention to single outcome agreements and outcomes performance management within community planning partnerships and public sector agancies. Consideration is given to the potential role of impact measurement principles in supporting the development of single outcome agreements, outcomes performance management frameworks for CPP’s and within partner organisations. The section also considers the potential role of impact measurment in supporting the Change Fund agendas and NHS Quality Strategy.

The second section is concerned with social impact measurement and outcomes approaches within service commissioning, considering cross over with the commissioning cycle; examining the role of social impact measurement in outcomes focused service design; how can social impact measurement principles support the management and improvement of contracted services; the potential role of social impact measurement in service monitoring, reporting and evaluation; and outcomes performance management within departments or functions and social impact measurement. There is also information on the Public Social Partnership (PSP) model for service commissioning and design, and you can download the Guide to PSPs.

The third section will look in more detail at social impact measurement and the design of effective services, including discussion on co-production of services and on personalisation of care, as well as a closer look at social impact measurement in the monitoring, reporting and evaluation of service outcomes.

At present, this section of the site is under development and we are very keen to hear from you if you have any suggestions or feedback about the content you would like to see on the site. We’d also be interested to publish relevant case studies and information on current activity around impact assessment, or outcomes commissioning and service design. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact us here.

Social Impact and the Scottish Government National Performance FrameworkSocial Impact and the Scottish Government National Performance Framework 



Social Impact and Commissioning and ProcurementSocial Impact and Commissioning and Procurement